SOS Watch Me

SOS Watch For Elderly

The majority of our populace is aged. There is a more substantial portion of falls in that category of individuals. A few of them may not access assistance within the home window duration therefore our 24-7 monitoring systems can help, with our SOS watch for elderly people, to save a life.

Many people have actually gotten medical diagnoses of degenerative ailments that impact their safety and well-being. To address this worry, technical options have been developed to provide a sense of security for those that might not have the funds to employ home-based caregivers. These cutting-edge tools work as a reliable choice to ensure their security and health.

SOS Watch Me provides clients with a wristwatch. Clients will choose the package that ideal suits their particular circumstance. Our command facility has a team of professionals that monitor the system at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If one of the clients is entangled in an emergency situation, our group will organise the necessary aid to save a life. The device contains a built-in technology that identifies a fall which signals the emergency feedback solution. The customer has to be wearing the tool in any way times, otherwise the system will certainly not find the case.

Monitoring for Falls

In Australia, a substantial variety of injuries or casualties are brought on by falls. These incidents can be connected to aspects such as advanced age, special needs, reduced balance, and various clinical disorders. Executing fall prevention procedures is important in order to avoid unfortunate results within our community.

Our SOS watch for elderly people is configured to spot accidental falls with our 24/7 monitoring team. The gadget is configured with software application that signifies to the command centre the moment the fall occurs. The clients are mandated to use the watch a lot of the times to enable the monitoring team to preserve track.

Clients can put on the tool also in the shower because of its waterproof function. The watch relies on mobile signal insurance coverage as it is powered by mobile service modern technology. It can be found in various colors and has an adjustable wristband to suit different body dimensions.

Personal Health And Wellness Emergency Response Systems

SOS Watch Me provides medical alert tools for the safety of the susceptible. The devices are user-friendly, portable, and prepared to utilise from any kind of area as long as they are within the mobile coverage location. The devices also have easy-to-activate buttons to notify the workplace throughout an emergency – an effective SOS watch for elderly people.